Luck Of The Irish

Sunrise over Hallet Peak and Flattop Mountain from Dream Lake
It looked like it was going to be a so-so sunrise this morning at Dream Lake on this St. Patrick's day morning. With lot's of good fortune on my side, I was able to capture a beautiful sunrise from a thawing Dream Lake this morning in Rocky Mountain National Park. Technical Details: Canon EOS 1Ds III, 24mm f3.5 TS-E L II
I cant think of a better way to spend St. Patrick’s day morning than at Dream Lake in Rocky Mountain National Park. Perhaps, aptly named Emerald Lake would be more appropriate, but I can say for sure its still under lots of the white stuff and getting a reflection of Hallet Peak would have required some creative thinking.

I can only suspect my good fortune this morning can be attributed to the luck of the Irish. How else can I explain what appeared to be a completely cloudless and breezy morning transforming into a beautiful and epic sunrise?. Even more surprising was the fact that the wind instead of intensifying at Dream Lake at sunrise as is typical, actually subsided. All of those lucky breaks are not enough to explain the unusually mild and warm weather we’ve been having that has thawed the eastern outlet of Dream Lake and allowed just enough open water to squeeze in Hallet and Flattop mountain reflecting on the lake’s surface. I’ll just have to be content with this spectacular St. Patrick’s day morning knowing I stumbled upon my pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

2 thoughts on “Luck Of The Irish

  1. A surprisingly large amount of open water there. The heat last week must have thawed it out this far. Very nice image.

    1. Thanks Jao,

      The wide angle vantage probably makes the lake look a little more open that it was but I was very surprised to find that much open water as well. Nymph Lake and Bear Lake are still covered over but I dont recall seeing this much open water on Dream Lake this early prior to this visit. Who knows, being that it’s March we will probably get burried under 2 ft of snow sooner than later!.

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