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Client testimonials

                                    Rocky Mountain National Park Photography Tour Client Testimonials

Warren S. Schaumburg, IL - "Thomas was a terrific guide and went out of his way to make my visit to Rocky Mountain National Park enjoyable. His knowlege of photography and the park is vast and he went out of his way to accomodate me during my visit to Estes Park and Rocky Mountain NP"

Marc H. Ghent, Belgium - "Tom was a fantastic guide during my first visit of the RMNP. He is not only an expert hiker, knowing about every corner of the area, he is also an inspiring photographer and a wonderful person."

David S. Tulsa, OK -  "We had a great time!  I'm ready to get back home and do some editing:), Thanks again, and I'll definitely be recommending you every time I get the chance!

Rick L. Denver, CO - "Hey Tom,  Thank you for the great tour on Saturday!  That was a lot of fun and the conditions were interesting. I think we lucked out getting a little snow, fresh leaves on the ground and dramatic clouds. We went to some great places.. it was actually better then an I was expecting and everyone else in the group was thrilled"

Kelly S. Milwaukee, WI -  "Thanks for taking me out this morning. I had a great time and can't wait to see how the pictures look once I download them. I think we got great shots even with the wind. It was well worth getting up early for this morning!

Chip J. Leawood, KS -  "When visiting an expansive, unfamiliar area for good photo opportunities, it makes sense to enlist a very seasoned professional. Rocky Mountain National Park includes more than a quarter million acres of stunning wilderness with multiple eco systems. In less than 8 hours, with Tom Mangan , there were more opportunities than I would have located if searching a full month alone! I highly recommend Tom and suggest you look him up next time you visit this park. He is a multiple award winning photographer, an awesome guide, and a class act. Check out his work if you are looking for a guide or shopping for beautiful wilderness pictures!

Rick C., Charleston, SC - "Thanks for the spectacular morning photographing in the park. I'll be sure to sign up again the next time I visit Rocky Mountain National Park" 

Cheri G., Tulsa, OK - "Thank you so much for taking me and my daughters out to Sprague Lake and Bear Lake to photograph sunrise. I have taken photography workshops and tours before and your attentiveness and willingness to help and be paitent was amazing. You went above and beyond what was required to make sure I was comfortable and would have an enjoyable experience." 

Julie R., Waco, TX - " Tom was an attentive and helpful photography guide for me and my daughter. She has a strong passion for photography and learned a lot from Tom during our photography tour of Rocky Mountain National Park. We both had a great time"

Sue and Richard H., Gainsville, FL - "Thanks again for the photography tour, we had a great time with you. I would rate your photography tour services as excellent!"

Jeff K., Olathe, KS - "One week ago I had the privilege to hike up to Dream Lake. Oh, what an exhilarating time! The long climb was worth every exhausting step. Many thanks to Tom Mangan for your guidance".

Marcia G., Bloomfield, MI - "Thank you for finding the time to fit us into your busy schedule. The hike up to Dream Lake for sunrise was amazing and it was great that both the light and clouds cooperated to combine for some beautiful images of Rocky Mountain National Park"

Nancy M., Overland Park, KS - "What a great morning in Rocky Mountain National Park photographing sunrise. Getting out before sunrise and hiking the trail in the dark was quite an expierence I wont soon forget. Tom was a great guide and was helpful the entire time"

Melinda and Ben B., Springfield, MO - "Thanks for everything! Very beneficial for Ben. Had a great time".

Penny H., Dallas, TX - "Enjoyed working with you last week. I learned a lot and appreciated your time. Maybe some day in the future when I get back to RMNP I will have the whole day to spend in the park. Thanks again!"

Joe K., Springfield, MA - "Thanks for the sunrise tour this morning. The 
conditions and locations were fantastic. You're guidance and insight were very helpful and found the conversations about the area informative. I would highly recommend your services and intend to book another tour on our next visit to RMNP. Thanks again"

Michael C., Houston, TX - "Thanks for the photography tour of Rocky, You’re awesome at what you do, Tom! I'll be back next year and will be laughing, during our hike next year, about what a novice I was!"

Renaud and Isabelle T., Bonlez, Belgium - "We really had a fantastic day and we wanted to reiterate our appreciation for that, thanks again for a great day in RMNP".

Roger I., Austin, TX - "It was great to spend the morning with you photographing some of the most beautiful locations in Rocky Mountain National Park. I really enjoyed my time in the field with you and thought you provide a great service"

Gerome B., Dallas, TX - "Thanks again Tom for showing me so many of the beautiful locations in Rocky Mountain National Park. I had a great time photographing RMNP and I will certainly be returning again soon"

Bryn L. and Courtney T., Moline, IL - "Hi Tom! We are having a wonderful time, thanks for thinking of us. We really appreciated your help on Friday, we learned quite a bit and we are excited to get home and dig through the pictures. Just a heads up, we informed the front desk staff of the cabins about our tour and how great it was as well, Thanks again."

Greg B., Mustang, OK - "Howdy Tom,We have made our way back to Oklahoma and already miss the beauty, tranquility, and cool weather of RMNP.  Patrick and I had a great time and your photo tour was one of the highlights of a perfect vacation.  I learned a lot and I believe Patrick is now hooked on a hobby that I suspect will bring him much satisfaction and adventure for years to come.  Your preparedness and knowledge were key to our experience and we both appreciate it very much. I feel very fortunate everything worked out so well." 

Diane W., Augusta, ME - "After traveling in Colorado for business, I had one day to visit and photograph the Rocky Mountain National Park. I had no idea where to start, so I contacted Tom. We went for a sunrise hike/shoot. It was spectacular! I would not have had such an opportunity without Tom's knowledge of the Park.. This was definitely one of my most favorite photo adventures. I hope to visit the Rocky Mountain National Park again, and know that Tom will be the first person I contact when planning my trip. Thanks, Tom for a wonderful experience".

Mark M., Kalamazoo, MI - " Tom: Thank you for spending your morning with us yesterday. We all had a great time. I will be putting one of the images from Bear Lake on my web site". 

John N., Castle Rock, CO - "Thank you Tom for a fantastic photo tour of The Loch at Rocky Mountain National Park.  Knowing the right time to be at a location for the best light coupled with how to get to the amazing remote locations is priceless. On top of that you know great spots at each location for capturing stunning images. This is my 3rd Rocky Mountain National Park photo tour with you and really look forward to hiring your professional services to discover many more beautiful RMNP locations to photograph. I have my list ready to go :-)"

Paula and Tom W., Witchita, KS - "The photography tour that you conducted for us was honestly the highlight of our trip to Estes and RMNP. We so appreciated your patience, advice, kindness, and your willingness to listen and patiently answer our questions. We hope some day to request another tour from you -- perhaps in another season, such as fall". 

Connie S., Austin, TX - "Tom, Thank you for your help with the brief tour of Rocky Mountain National Park. I love the resulting pictures!."

Erin M., Pittsburgh, PA - " Tom, Thank *you*! We had a great time working with you and it was a beautiful morning in the park indeed! We've been checked a few of the areas we discussed with you--made it back to Bear Lake on Sunday for the Milky Way and got some good overcast light for Alberta Falls in Glacier Gorge. Unfortunately we missed the moose at Sprague this morning (we slept in a bit, the moose did not), but got some elk hanging out in Moraine Park last night."

Christine T., Summit, NJ - " Enrolling Tom to guide me on my photography journey into Rocky Mountain National Park lead to an adventure that ranks high among my most memorable experiences. I knew from his website that he was a highly talented photographer. What I found during our 2 sunrise hikes, was also a gracious, humble and fun teacher who loves sharing his passion for RMNP and photography by ensuring that I captured stunning images. I am most grateful to you, Tom." 

John S., Windsor, CT -  "Tom, Thank you for those most enjoyable 2 mornings. It exceeded my expectations. Sorry I couldn’t keep up with your pace, but you adjusted to mine quite well, Ha! Again, thank you for you help."