Fine Art Prints

About Our Fine Art Prints

I am pleased to offer high quality Fine Art Prints. Capturing a beautiful image is only a small portion of the actual work required to create Fine Art quality prints. Photographers have strived from the onset of the craft to create prints that represent their vision and craft. The tools of the trade have changed over time and will continue to do so but the end result to create a vibrant, high quality print that will stand the test of time has not. I strive to not only produce a stunning Fine Art Print that will please the buyer of the piece, but also one that will meet my quality standards.

My goal when photographing in the field is not only to capture my vison and passion for a location, but also to produce stunning high quality prints with my images after the field work is complete. The process to produce Fine Art Prints begins prior to the camera's shutter ever being fired or a 2:00 AM drive to a desolate trailhead. Producing Fine Art Prints requires many steps to acheive the final goal of representing my vision and experiences on paper. After photographing the subject, the film is processed, inspected and if up to par, sent out for a high quality drum scan. The high quality drum scan allows me to bring the image into Photoshop where it is adjusted and cleaned to closely match the original piece of film as well as my vision. After the drum scan is complete, it is sent off to be printed on a Chromira of Lightjet printer. This process allows me to print beautiful detailed prints as large as 40x50 inches or as wide as 90 inches with little loss of detail. Print orders are typically delivered to clients in 2 to 4 weeks from the time of purchase. 


Framing your Fine Art Print will help to allow not only proper viewing, but also to protect the print to ensure a lifetime of viewing pleasure. Although we do not currently offer traditional framing, we are pleased to offer Laminate Box as well as Float Mounting. Traditional framing can be quite subjective. Colors of someones residence or office may vary and we find it is best for the buyer who wants traditonal mounting to work direclty with their framer. Laminated Box and Float mounting allows us to produce a stunning piece of artwork that is ready to hang in any setting. Laminated Box and Float mounting also is more affordable than traditional framing but produces less glare than traditional framing and glass. This allows the colors of the Fine Art Prints to come alive and also makes the piece easier to view at different angles. Box and Float mounting is a process in which the photograph is mounted onto 3/8 inch Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF). The photograph is sealed between a layer of UV protected vinyl laminate on top and an adhesive underneath. It is then pressed onto the MDF. Once pressed the piece is sent through an edger that bevels the edge and then applies a colored foil to the edge. Please note that custom plaque mounted pieces take about 4 weeks from order to delivery. 


I am pleased to offer free shipping on all orders. Orders are shipped via a heavy duty cardboard tube. Prints are rolled and enclosed in a plastic bag inside the tube to offer further protection. Box and Float mounts will be shipped and packed in cardboard and foam for maximum protection. Items are shipped via Fed Ex or UPS to ensure safe and fast delivery.

Quality Guarantee

I offer a money back guarantee on all Fine Art Print purchases. If you are not satisfied with your Fine Art Print you may return the print after the 7 day inspection period with no questions asked (Shipping not included). I am commited to working with you on your order to ensure that you are happy with your purchase. 

Please note that I offer a quality and workmanship guarantee on all plaque mounted prints. Because each one of these pieces requires a signifigant outlay of materials,time and cost and they are one of a kind, custom orders designed only for you, I can not accept returns on plaque mounted prints. I am happy to accept returns on plaque mounted prints if they are damaged in shipping or there is a quality control issue with the plaque mounted print and work to quickly resolve any issue with the client.