Photo Journal : Morning In Moraine

July 25th, 2023   |  Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

Good morning. I've been looking for a way to utilize my Journal pages here on my website. Previously, I was going to move my wordpress blog over here but I figured moving the blog page to my journal page would just confuse my readers. Instead, I'm going to use my journal page as my simple daily update page for my photography images shot that day. I may utilize the images in my blog also but this will be for small updates on Rocky Mountain National Park or just to share an image I shot that day, much like I would on my social media accounts. For example, here is sunrise from along the Big Thompson River this morning in Moraine Park. We had some beautiful clouds move in right at sunrise. It was windier than heck up in the Bear Lake area so I headed back to Moraine Park where it was a bit calmer.