Photo Journal : Never Summer On Mount Richthofen!

August 9th, 2023   |  Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

Rocky Mountain National Park is just spectacular right now. Summer is in it's full glory but it wont be long before I start reporting on the fall color changes. Just the other morning hiking in this same general area there was frost on the grasses at sunrise. Speaking of cold weather, I've been photographing the Never Summer Range often the past week or so. I've wanted to get some different angles of the Never Summer Range including this one of majestic Mount Richthofen. Mount Richthofen is situated on the boarder of Rocky Mountain National Park. Its a beautiful Mountain but for the most part, Speciman Mountain blocks out most views visitors to Rocky Mountain National Park have while driving Trail Ridge Road. One can get a small glimpse just before the Alpine Visitor Center turnoff, but to really appreciate it one needs to do some hiking. I've had a few nice sunrises now with Mount Richthofen as my photography subject, and I have to report I've been pretty blessed with some beautiful light to along with one of my newest favorite subjects in Rocky.