Photo Journal : Backpacking Up The North Inlet Of RMNP

August 22nd, 2023  |  Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado

I'm a little late in getting this blurb up but I just recently returned from an awesome backpacking trip up the North Inlet of Rocky Mountain National Park just outside of Grand Lake. I spent a few nights up at the Pine Marten backcountry site which put me as close as one can get to the beautiful areas around Lake Nanita and Lake Nokoni. These two lakes are about as far from a trailhead as one can get without actually traveling off trail. It takes some work to get up to Lake Nanita and Lake Nokoni as, Nanita is over 3 miles from the Pine Marten site and Nokoni about 2.5 with a 1300 ft climb in between. Regardless of the physical requirements of getting to these locations, I had some great light and I'm already planning on additional trips to revisit this spectacular part of Rocky Mountain National Park in the future.