Boulder Brook Autumn, RMNP Fall Color Update

Boulder Brook bubbles along in Rocky Mountain National Park
Another angle of Boulder Brook bubbling down along the slopes of Rocky Mountain National Park. Save for the golden Aspen leaves, this scene of a moss lined creek could easily be from the Pacific Northwest or the East Coast. Technical Details: Canon Eos 1ds III, 16-35mm F2.8 L II
Boulder Brook winds through fall aspen leaves in Rocky Mountain National Park
Boulder Brook winds it way through a narrow confluence covered by vibrant green moss and autumn leaves from aspen trees. Some times the best fall color to photograph is actually on the ground, and not on the trees. Technicial Details: Canon Eos 1ds III, 16-35mm F2.8 L II

A fall Aspen tree frames sunrise looking east from the Bierdstadt Moraine
I hiked up the Bierdstadt Moraine this morning hoping to capture some clouds over the peaks to the east. There were no clouds over the divide this morning but a few clouds glided over the top of the Estes Cone and Sprague Lake. I was able to use the lone Aspen tree as an anchor point and there was some subtle color in the sky prior to sunrise. The Aspen trees along Boulder Brook can be seen in the middle right hand side of this image. After shooting this image, I headed down to Boulder Brook. Technicial Details: Canon Eos 1ds III, 16-35mm F2.8 L II
So far this fall color season I have spent all my time in Rocky Mountain National Park. There are a couple of locations in Rocky that I have been attempting to photograph for some time. I’ve been lucky enough in the last week to capture some of these images. I’ve also been unable to check them all off my list and it looks like a few of these locations will require attempts again next season(cue the violins). Don’t mistake this for whining, I’ve had a great week in the Park, and I’ve been able to capture some new images that I basically stumbled upon. While I plan on making a few more attempts for some of these illusive images, time and weather may not cooperate with my attempted photographic endeavors in Rocky and I’ll just have to attempt these again next year.

The fall color in Rocky Mountain National Park is past peak in almost all areas except the lowest elevations. Because of the warm weather, lots of yellow leaves remain on the trees but wind and high based thunderstorms are quickly removing much of the foliage from the Aspen trees in the Park. In particular the Bear Lake area is quickly losing it foliage and the Bierdstadt Moraine is not far behind.

Regardless, there are still many opportunities for fall color in the Park. Harkening back to my September 25th, 2011, I employed fall foliage ‘tip 2’ to work to my advantage this morning. It’s certainly easy to wander through an Aspen grove and just stare upwards and the golden leaves and branches. But following my own advice, I headed over to Boulder Brook after shooting sunrise from the Bierdstadt Moraine.

While the Aspen trees around Boulder Brook are past peak, the trees are in the process of shedding their leaves which are currently landing all around the Brook and on top of the vibrant green moss that lines the banks of the stream. Boulder Brook is one of my favorite locations in Rocky Mountain National Park. Having grown up on the east coast amongst forests of deciduous trees with lots of moisture and flowing creeks, Boulder Brook seems out of place along the typically drier eastern slopes of Rocky Mountain National Park. Boulder Brook has a unique and refreshing feel to it. Hiking along the stream covered with Aspen leaves is in my mind, one of the best experiences one can have in the Park. Water, moss, rocks and falling leaves make for a great photographic subject, especially for those willing to look on the ground for interesting subjects and compositions.

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