Glacier Creek Abstract

Runoff and Spring Thaw Along Glacier Creek In Rocky Mountain Naional Park
This certainly was not an image I had intended on photographing this morning in Rocky Mountain National Park. After a very succesful sunrise shot at The Loch, I spied this open water along Glacier Creek on the hike back down. The abstract nature of the shot appeals to me, and the green moss on the rock along the creek bed helps to offset the white snow. Technical Details: Canon EOS 1Ds III, 70-200mm F2.8 IS L II

With the warm temperatures and early spring continuing, there are lots of current photographic opportunities in Rocky Mountain National Park that are occurring much earlier in the year than is typical. I realize this abstract of Glacier Creek just Loch Vale may be a bit too abstract for some, but I spent a good deal of time photographing this portion of Glacier Creek a few weeks ago and came away with some different views.

Typically, this portion of Glacier Creek would be buried under heavy winter snows through most of April. Stopping to photograph this spot a few weeks ago, the green moss on the rocks of the creek bed stood out in great contrast to the white winter snow that surrounded the small opening that had formed on Glacier Creek revealing the early spring runoff.

I setup my tripod precariously along the banks of Glacier Creek. It was difficult to setup in a location that provided a clean vantage point of the opening on the creek, while not sliding down a large bank and ending up in the creek itself. I attached a polarizer to my 70-200mm lens to cut down on the glare and emphasize the green moss on the rock, contrasted against the white snow. All in all it was an image I had not visualized photographing on my hike up to The Loch for sunrise, but I’m quite pleased with the images I walked away with this morning.

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  1. Very cool shot. Its hard to grasp at first what you are truley looking out. Great contrast, color and shape.

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