Icy and Brown

December has been a very quiet month so far in Rocky Mountain National Park. Little in the way of snow or interesting weather has visited Rocky of late. With cold temperatures at night and mild days, the landscape remains frozen and brown. This sunrise from Sheep Lakes last week in Horseshoe Park is indictive of the current conditions. Frozen and snow free water, and brown grasses. A colorful sunrise helps to bring the landscape to life but we would certainly welcome a few good snowstorms here in the coming weeks. Technical Details: Nikon Z7, Nikkor 20mm F1.8 S lens

Icy and brown. That’s the current state of the season in Rocky as I write this. Nights have been clear and cold and days mild and sunny. Our stretch of dry and mild weather has continued right into December now.

While there is some snow on the higher portions of Rocky Mountain National Park right now, the lower elevations are mostly just brown. Nights are cold enough that most of the lakes and streams have frozen over. Overall, Rocky is immersed in its early winter slumber.

I keep checking the weather looking for dramatic sunrise or the hope of a few good days of snow but so far no dice. Dry Novembers and December are not uncommon in Rocky, but one can usually bet on some colorful sunrises and sunsets this time of year. Wild wave or lenticular clouds are often common when the winds pick up, as are some colorful sunrise on account of high clouds over the region. So far, neither of these scenarios have come to fruition.

So it remains quiet and calm here in Rocky Mountain National Park as the park enters its winter slumber. We could use both the moisture and some dramatic weather to spice things up, hopefully the pattern shifts shortly and the drama awakens the slumbering and brown landscape for us photographers.