Welcoming In 2013

First Sunrise of the 2013 new year over The Flatirons of Boulder,Colorado
Here’s to hoping that the first sunrise of 2013 is a sign of things to come in the new year. It was a spectacular start to 2013 as a beautiful sunrise unfolded over the Flatirons of Boulder, Colorado. What a way to welcome in the first day and sunrise of 2013. Now if I could only get every sunrise in 2013 to unfold like this. Technicial Details: Canon EOS 1Ds III, 40mm F2.8 STM
Happy 2013 to everyone. Here’s hoping to a healthy and productive year to all. I managed to keep my tradition of shooting the first sunrise of the new year this morning. This gets easier to do the older I get, as in some years past I probably would be going to bed as the sun was rising.

This year I wrangled myself out of bed and made the short drive over to Boulder and the Flatirons Vista trailhead to photograph the first sunrise of 2013. It was a chilly morning with temps in Boulder hovering around 12 degrees, give or take a few degrees depending on your location.

It had cleared off to the east over the high plains of Colorado but a nice set of clouds remained over the Front Range, and the Flatirons. The conditions were coming together to form one of our classic and intense sunrises here in Colorado. I hiked the few miles back to my location in the pre-dawn light and waited in the stillness and silence of the morning for the light show to unfold.

This mornings sunrise was more amazing than any fireworks show celebrating the new year and as I stood their watching it unfold there was no better place to be to start 201

2 thoughts on “Welcoming In 2013

  1. I see you took this wonderful picture with the newish 40mm canon pancake lens. I have heard good things about it and I feel like it would be a great way to save some weight when traveling. What are your thoughts so far?

    I also want to mention, all of your photos are fantastic and I used your site as a resource when I was planning my trip to RMNP last October. Keep up the great work.


    1. Stephan,

      Thanks for the nice compliment. Glad I could help out with your visit to RMNP. I picked up the 40mm for the same reasons you cite. I find it to be a really nice lens in a tiny package. It’s hard to beat the performance/price ratio on this guy, especially with the recent trend of Canon’s pricing on new lenses. It takes up almost no room in my bag and is indeed very light. I have not used the lens a ton, but overall I’ve been very pleased with the lens.

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